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How Does Your Diet Help You Conceive Naturally?

As the times change and the world moves rapidly towards modernization, natural conception has become difficult for couples due to changes in their lifestyles and diets. About 15% of couples deal with fertility issues, making the road to parenthood a huge challenge. However, there are a few moderations one could make to their diet in order to increase the chances of fertility. Let us discuss them here!

  • 1. Hydrate: The first and foremost solution to any problem, whatsoever, is to increase your water intake. The advantages of doing so are innumerable and would always benefit you in the longer run. As for pregnancy, water helps create more cervical mucus, which is essential for egg fertilization.

  • 2. Eat Foods Rich In Antioxidants: Antioxidants, such as folate and zinc, boost the fertility of both men and women. Owing to antioxidants, one can naturally reduce the number of free radicals which damage the egg cells and the sperm in the body.

  • 3. Switch To Full-Fat Dairy: While high fat dairy foods lower the risk of infertility, a high consumption of low fat dairy may increase this risk. A study showed that those who consumed one serving of low fat dairy were 27% less likely to be infertile.

  • 4. Consume Caffeine Wisely: Caffeine, when consumed in large quantities, like over 500 milligrams on a daily basis, hampers ovulation and the chances of conceiving naturally. Caffeine has also shown to increase the chances of misccariage. Try to be moderate with your consumption instead of entirely cutting it off.

  • 5. Eat A Bigger Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped at any cost. Having a bigger and healthier breakfast has shown to improve the cases of infertility amongst several people. Eating a substantial breakfast helps increase the chances of natural conception by upto 30%. For people with moderate PCOS, having a healthy breakfast reduces the insulin levels by 8% and testosterone levels by 50%.

  • 6. Be Mindful Of Your Carbs: It is essential to follow a diet lower in carbs, especially if you have PCOS. Managing your carb intake provides beneficial effects on some aspects of PCOS. A diet with lower carbs will help you manage your weight, reduce insulin levels, and aid you with fat loss, while helping you menstruate regularly, thereby increasing the chances of natural conception.

  • 7. Avoid Trans Fats: Consuming healthy fats is the basis of every balanced diet, and if you’re trying to get pregnant naturally, you should avoid trans fats altogether. Trans fats are known to negatively impact ovulation levels, and must be avoided.

  • 8. Eat More Fiber: Increasing the fiber intake when one is trying to conceive naturally may significantly improve their chances. Fiber helps remove excess hormones and keeps the blood sugar levels in control, thereby increasing the chances of natural conception.

  • 9. Use Diverse Protein Sources In Your Diet: Protein is an integral part of your diet. However, replacing animal protein with vegetable sources of protein is linked to a reduced risk of infertility. Consider replacing some of the proteins in your diet with protein from vegetables, beans, lentils, nuts, and low mercury fish.

  • 10. Add Multivitamins To Your Diet: You may be less likely to experience ovulatory infertility and problems with natural conception if you add multivitamins to your diet. For women trying to get pregnant, a multivitamin containing folate may be especially beneficial.

Having a healthy diet and peace of mind is vital for a healthy body and your reproductive system, and helps increase the chances of natural conception. It is therefore important to eat a nutritious diet and make positive lifestyle changes in order to boost fertility. Thus, it is important to make healthy lifestyle choices and make alterations to your diet for increasing the chances of a natural conception.

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