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fibroids treatment in Gurgaon

Natural treatment for fibroid removal

Fibroids are benign growths that most commonly form in a woman's uterus throughout her reproductive years. They are not hazardous and virtually never become serious, although they can cause pain and discomfort. If you have heavy menstrual bleeding or spotting, pelvic pressure or pain, or frequent urination, consult your doctor. The doctor will be able to tell you whether or not you have fibroids. If your fibroids aren't causing too much trouble, your doctor may take a "wait and see" approach. However, if you wish to decrease your fibroids naturally, you have a few options. While the findings are mixed, there is no risk in trying these things on your own to see whether they work. Call and book your appointment for fibroid treatment in Gurgaon with Dr. Amita Shah.

fibroids treatment in Gurgaon

Changes in Diet

Your diet has a significant impact on your general health and may have an effect on fibroids too. Some foods may increase your risk of getting fibroids, while others may decrease the risk. Although dietary adjustments are unlikely to shrink fibroids on their own, they may prevent existing ones from growing larger and new ones from forming.

Consume plenty of fruits and veggies. A diet rich in fruits and leafy green vegetables lowers your risk of developing fibroids and may help decrease existing ones. To test if it helps, eat a balanced diet and plan your meals around fruits and vegetables.

Every day, eat at least 1.5-2 cups of fruits and 2-3 cups of vegetables, as per general health advice. Use this as a guideline to ensure that you are receiving enough.

Citrus fruits, in particular, reduce the risk of fibroids. Oranges, grapefruit, lemon, lime, and tangerines should all be included in your diet.

Increase your dairy consumption for a healthy source of vitamin-D, calcium, and magnesium. According to some research, dairy products can treat fibroids, implying that vitamin-D, calcium, and magnesium are important in assisting your body's recovery. Increase your consumption of milk, cheese, and yoghurt to get these benefits .

Consume low-fat dairy products to reduce fat in your diet and avoid weight gain.

Drink green tea to increase your antioxidant intake. While all teas contain antioxidants, green tea in particular has shown some promise in the treatment of fibroids. As an added benefit, a little caffeine from green tea may provide an energy boost. Try incorporating a few cups into your daily diet to see if your fibroids improve. Green tea is generally safe to consume as long as you don't consume too much of it. The suggested daily dosage is 2-3 cups; however, up to 5 cups is fine . Remember that green tea contains caffeine, so avoid drinking it close to night. Choose a caffeine-free variety so you can sleep.

Reduce your consumption of red meat. Women who consume a lot of red meat, including ham, appear to be at a higher risk of getting fibroids. If you eat red meat several times per week, attempt to reduce your intake. This will not decrease your fibroids but it will keep them from expanding and prevent new ones from forming. White meat poultry and fish are excellent substitutes for red meat.

To avoid heart disease and cancer, it is recommended that you consume no more than three portions of red meat every week. This may work for you but see your doctor about the best portion size for you.

Remove sugary meals and desserts from your diet. Although it is difficult to avoid, processed sugar appears to aggravate fibroids. This could be because sugar stimulates your body to produce more insulin and oestrogen. Reduce your regular sugar intake to avoid the growth of additional fibroids .

Desserts and soda are high in sugar but they are not the only foods that contain added sugars. When you go grocery shopping, make sure to read all of the nutrition labels. You might be shocked at how much sugar is there in some foods which aren’t sweet.

Women should consume no more than 25 gm of added sugar per day, so keep your intake below this level.

Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

Certain lifestyle practises, in addition to your nutrition, may place you at a higher risk for fibroids. Making a few modifications may help lower your risk of acquiring additional fibroids. Even if it does not directly diminish the fibroids you already have, this is useful.

Maintain an active lifestyle to lower your chance of fibroids. Athletic women are less likely than non-athletic women to get fibroids. If you aren't particularly active, try incorporating more exercise into your regular routine. Exercise also releases hormones that lessen pain, so you might make yourself more comfortable by exercising on a regular basis . The recommendation is to get 150 minutes of exercise per week as a general guideline. You can divide this up and spend 30 minutes on each of the next 5-7 days of the week. You don't have to work out hard. A daily stroll or some yard maintenance could also make a significant difference.

fibroid treatment in Gurgaon

If necessary, lose weight. Women who are overweight are approximately 2-3 times more likely to get fibroids. Being overweight might further aggravate the pain caused by fibroids. Consult your doctor to determine your ideal weight, and then devise a diet and exercise plan to achieve the same.. Don't try to lose weight quickly by going on a crash or severe diet. These are risky and unsustainable, and many people gain weight after discontinuing an extreme diet.

Controlling stress can help you avoid other health issues. While stress does not cause fibroids directly, it can cause weight gain and boost the production of the hormone cortisol, both of which can cause fibroids. If you are frequently stressed, adopting simple steps to relax in your daily life may aid in the treatment of your fibroids .

Some wellness exercises, such as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing, are beneficial to your mental health and may help you reduce stress. Spend 15-20 minutes per day on one of these activities.

Doing things you enjoy is also beneficial for lowering stress, so schedule some time each day for your hobbies and interests. Alcoholic beverages, particularly beer, increase your chances of acquiring fibroids. Averaging more than one drink per day may cause fibroid growth; therefore, limit your drinking to no more than one drink per day. It's fine to have a drink now and again but don't do it every day.

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