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Prenatal Yoga And How It Helps In Natural Deliver

Many people fret for weeks, or sometimes even months, while they are ridden with anxiety regarding the process of delivering their baby. However, prenatal yoga is effective when it comes to minimizing this anxiety, as it ensures the possibility of a normal delivery. Labor is unpredictable, and the ability of staying calm and relaxed is something that comes from a regular yoga practice. With its deep-breathing exercises and body-strengthening poses, prenatal yoga can automatically teach people to stay composed.

What Are Some Prenatal Yoga Poses For Normal Delivery?

Yoga Poses During The First Trimester:
  • The Warrior Pose: This is an active yoga pose and one of the most popular poses to promote natural fertility as it requires the opening of the hips and the sides, thereby strengthening them.
  • The Tree Pose: This helps improve posture and relieves back pain, thereby preparing you for a normal delivery.
  • Extended Triangle Pose: This asana helps in stretching the hips, hamstring and groin muscles. It helps relieve stress and backache.

Yoga Poses During The Second Trimester:
  • Thunderbolt Pose: This pose is extremely effective in aiding digestion and keeps other stomach-related problems at bay.
  • Palm Tree Pose: This helps strengthen the spine, and creates a good physical balance.
  • Cat Pose: Extremely beneficial for the reproductive system, this pose aids in natural delivery by bringing flexibility to the shoulder, spine and neck.

Yoga Poses During The Third Trimester:
  • Butterfly Pose: This helps relieve fatigue from inner thighs and legs, thereby calming the nerves in those areas.
  • Half Butterfly Pose: This asana is very good in loosening hip joints and this helps during the delivery process.
  • Chair Pose: This pose is very effective to strengthen the thigh and pelvic muscles.

What Are The Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga?

Yoga has immense health benefits and also helps in normal delivery. A few of these are:

  • It gives people more control of their minds and bodies, thereby assisting in vaginal delivery.
  • It helps in labor by increasing the muscle strength and energy, thereby improving the overall health of the mother.
  • As the pregnancy progresses, one may experience back pain, headaches and other pains. Yoga helps in easing pains through proper blood circulation, better muscle strength, and improved breathing techniques.
  • Practicing yoga helps one sleep better by reducing stress and anxiety, and it is essential to rest and relax during pregnancy in order to ensure a normal delivery
  • Yoga helps in improving the flexibility of pelvic muscles and bones and aids in ensuring the best birthing position for the baby.
  • Yoga helps you build stamina, which is necessary during labor and in the case of normal delivery.
  • Yoga improves the flow of oxygen, and this helps the child to perform well during the process of childbirth. It also saves the child from many complications and problems that usually arise during childbirth.

Yoga has innumerable benefits, especially for pregnant people. It keeps one healthy during pregnancy, and also ensures a labor free of complications. However, medical guidance must be sought before indulging in any such exercises.

Where To Seek Guidance?

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