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What foods to avoid if you have ovarian cysts

What foods to avoid if you have ovarian cysts?

Ovarian cysts are tiny, fluid-filled sacs that commonly occur in menstruating females. They are painless if minor and resolve on their own. However, if they continue to grow larger, they can give a pinching feeling inside the uterus and ovaries. Larger cysts can potentially cause PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome).
PCOS occur due to hormonal imbalances and can cause infertility, abnormal weight gain, hair loss and excessive hair growth on the face, chest or back.
See an expert if you feel any of these changes in your body. Early cases of PCOS and small cysts can be managed by eating the right food. As there is enough glucose present in our body, any amount of extra carbohydrate breaks down into glucose. This excess glucose is stored in our muscles as fat. Increase in weight is most commonly associated with PCOS due to high amount of insulin in the body, so our primary focus is to avoid food that has high sugar content.

Here is a list of a few food items that you can avoid :

1. Refined Carbohydrates: Foodstuff like white bread, bakery items are full of empty calories. They only work on making you obese.
2. Processed food items: Cheese, salami, sausages, frozen food, sweetened fruit juice are treated with preservatives and additives that raise your glucose level in the blood.
3. Aerated Beverages: Soda, energy drinks, artificially flavoured sparkling water falls under this category as well. They have a high amount of fructose syrup that triggers insulin sensitivity.
4. Ultra-processed food: Food items like granola bars, frappuccino, high-caffeinated beverages, artificially flavoured crackers are not advised as well.
5. Starchy Vegetables: White potatoes and Sweet potatoes are full of starch and shoot up stored glucose levels in our body. Other vegetables are butternut squash, corn and turnips. These vegetables also provide less amount of fibre.
6. Oily and Deep-fried food: Oily and deep fried causes inflammation in the body cells and do not contain any vitamins or minerals.
7. Solid Fats: Food items containing margarine, hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils cause excess weight gain as they increase the levels of LDL (Bad Cholesterol)

Losing weight has helped many women with PCOS. Diet and exercise is the best treatment approach for PCOS. Here are a few food items which should be part of your diet plan:

1. High fibre foods: Food rich in fibre like lentils, oranges, papaya, green leafy vegetable such as spinach, carrots helps to regulate the levels of estrogen in our body
2. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids: Fish, Flax seeds and nuts are packed with the goodness of omega 3 and 6. They help to lower down the level of androgens.
3. High Protein: Chicken and tofu are high in protein and keep you filled for longer hours.
4. Indole 3 carbinol food: These food items are Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage that helps to prevent ovarian cancer.

An expert can help you with a tailored diet plan according to your BMI. Clean eating and physical activity can help you positively outlook your conditions. Dr Amita Shah is an experienced gynaecologist and the best option for ovarian cyst treatment in Gurgaon. Her approach towards PCOS aims to provide a healthy lifestyle to her patients and reduce the risk of associated diseases like diabetes in later life.

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